We do offer many procedures to be done at the same initial clinic visit. These include:

A rigid camera into your nose to examine the sinus openings or small telescope into the ear or a longer, flexible scope can be passed through your nose to examine the back of your nose, back of your mouth (pharynx) and voice box (larynx).
Nasal cautery is a type of surgery (operation) to treat nose bleeds. It involves using electricity to seal blood vessels in the nose that bleed regularly.
There are two types of allergy tests: prick or scratch test and also blood tests. In the prick or scratch test, a tiny drop of a possible allergen—something you are allergic to— is pricked or scratched into the skin. (This is also called a percutaneous test.) For an allergy blood test, your specialist may send you for tests to measure specific blood markers that may indicate allergies.
This involves a suction tube and/or fine blunt instruments being used to clear out your ear canal. We do this with the microscope in the clinic room to allow safe instrumentation and examination. It is well tolerated and does not require any special sedation or anaesthesia.
A scientific examination of a sample of blood, typically for the diagnosis of illness or for the detection and measurement of drugs or other substances.