Do I have to have a GP referral?

This is not always necessary. Please call the admin team to discuss how you can book yourself into see one of our Specialists.

Should I bring my list of medications?

Yes please.

Do I need to stop eating and drinking before my outpatient appointment?

No. If you require an endoscopy you do not normally need to be starved for this.

Can I drive after an endoscopy?

Yes. Sometimes it may be necessary to apply local anaesthetic to your nose prior to an endoscopy but this should not normally prevent you from driving home afterwards.

Do I need local anaesthetic for my endoscopy?

Not always. Depending on your problem and what needs to be examined, your Consultant may offer you local anaesthetic to your nose to make the procedure more comfortable.

Can I get my scan the same day?

If a scan is required this will usually be booked within a few days from your initial outpatient consultation.

When will I get any results?

This depends on the test. We will discuss this with you in the clinic.